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The Correct Use Of Glue
Jan 12, 2017

1, shake the container before you use the glue evenly, then the actual installation, with a small can of glue to prevent the volatile too fast, if necessary, into a small tank of tanks could be used when not in cans sealed.

2, the use of a short stiff brush.

3, the bonding surface is coated with a thin layer of material at both ends, even special glue.

Natural dry time 4, special glue cm 3-10 minutes, depending on the length of time the glue level, atmospheric temperature and humidity, bare for more than 20 minutes is not valid.

5, use glue to dry naturally and correctly measure dry method for "finger touch" method, contact adhesive surface with your fingers, if the finger does not stick to the surface, and no sticky feeling on the surface of material and adhesive.

6, bonding, only two surfaces of the adhesive interface on clenched for a moment.

7, if time is too long, so that when the two sides pressed together when it is not viscous, repeat steps 2-6.

8, usually per kilogram of rubber and special glue can be applied two meters the adhesive surface.

9, typically, special glue cannot be used below 5 deg c, should be 5 ℃-10 ℃ environment when you are working, please place the glue on the indoor temperature is 20 ° c, use remove.

10, when in stressful situations when two materials are joined without having to wait for the glue to dry, wet bonding first material placed in installation place, glued at the material interfaces, properly adjust the positions of the two materials, soon as you design firm bonding.

11, check if the glue and paint to protect pipes firm bonding.

© ~ Dry time: apply adhesive material bonding time between.

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