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PU/PIR Plate
Jan 12, 2017

Fire: the core material for the B1 level of fire-resistant materials, to extinguish the fire, burning does not dissolve, and low smoke, no dripping pyrolysis. Is a domestic fire insulation level *** good architectural sheet metal.

Operating temperature range: core temperature between-180 ¡æ ~+120 ¡æ. When used at low temperatures even lower environmental contract is small, not brittle, deep cold (cold storage) project an ideal insulation material.

Good insulation effect: the coefficient of thermal conductivity of less than 0.021, good insulation properties, belonging to energy saving and environmentally friendly materials.

Efficient and environmentally friendly: core material using six sets of materials, is nontoxic and odorless when burned, spilling gas environment is harmless to the human body, in line with national environmental requirements, is a new type green building materials.

Water and wet proof: core village of organic polymer foam material, which is of the closed type, with good water absorption and resistance to water vapor permeation, water absorption is less than 3%, not insects, not weathered.

PU or PIR Panel is polyurethane sandwich panels, use is broad, in the progressive replacement of the EPS materials at home and abroad.

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