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Phenolic Resin Duct Can Replace A Galvanized Iron Sheet Wind Tube
Jan 12, 2017

The 80 's of the last century, there have been glass-fibre reinforced polyester pipe. Polyester glass fiber wind pipes for organic materials, corrosion resistance to water vapor does not rust, solves the phenol Feng Guan Yi rust, disadvantages of long service life, widely used in the textile factory.

Ventilation pipe is attached to the building product, very few people to study it. With the increasing function of phenolic pipe, ventilation pipe not only has ventilation intensity, but also protection against fire, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, easy to clean, and other functions. Ventilation ducts in China began in the 40 's. In the textile industry, in order to improve the quality of the weaving and spinning, and temperature and humidity to keep the workshop setting, conveying a specific temperature and the temperature of air piping then known as phenolic resin duct. Earliest times wood style tubes, used to iron.

Polyester glass fiber wind pipes is combustible material, once caught fire due to short circuit or accidental fire, polyester wind pipe will be lit, quickly spread fire to all workshop and cause a fire. This caused flammable polyester duct fire departments attention.

GB50045-1989 provided for in the code for fire protection design of tall buildings: "ventilation pipe making with incombustible material". From then on, the ventilation pipe in addition to strength requirements, increased fire safety requirements.

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