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What's the advantage of polyisocyanurate?
Jul 10, 2018

Polyisocyanurate insulation materials are now commonly used in roof insulation materials, is the ideal choice for this century roof system.The environmental assessment of polyisocyanurate foam is called a process of life cycle analysis from raw materials to final insulation materials.We had a brief discussion and compared the results with other carbon-reduction strategies.The recovery part of polyisocyanurate insulation material was summarized.


Poly cyanuric acid ester products, especially the ASTM C1289 rigid zhifeng Waterloo (polyisocyanate insulation board of standards) in the grade 1 Ⅱ model, there are both products after use, recycling use and post-industrial recycled.For a typical type II 2 inches thick plate, can use recycle 24% (mass ratio), 15% (mass ratio) can be used in industry after regeneration, most of these part of recovery and regeneration from the plate.However, there is now an opportunity to increase the rate of recovery and recycling of polyurethane insulation foam is under way.Although it is usually easier to recycle thermoplastic materials such as polyethylene, thermosetting materials such as polyisocyanurate can also be recycled.


Polyisocyanurate insulation board products and their testing methods have been changed and developed to meet the requirements of the 21st century roof system.Here are some of the main conclusions:

1. The comparison between the IECC 2012 edition and raeash90.1-2004 has significantly increased the minimum requirements for insulation materials, with an average increase of about 80% in the eight climate zones.

2. Roof renovation brings great opportunities for energy conservation, which can be seen from the changes in energy specifications.Economics representative Dr. Hoof said the resulting economic problems were smaller than expected.

3. The polyisocyanurate foam insulation shows its relative environmental benefits and its huge space of exciting recycling.

4. The work of the past decade has explained the causes of dimensional stability problems, and developed and implemented new test methods to ensure a good change of insulation board in this field.

Polyisocyanurate (PIR) Foam Pre-Insulated Aluminum Duct Panel

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