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What is unt polyurethane foam insulation panel board for buildings?
Jul 27, 2018

1. Hard polyurethane has low thermal conductivity and good thermal performance.When the density of hard polyurethane is 35 ~ 40kg/m3, the thermal conductivity is only 0.018~0.024w/ (m).K), equivalent to about half of EPS, is the lowest thermal conductivity of all insulation materials.

2. Hard polyurethane has moisture-proof and waterproof properties.Rigid polyurethane has a hole closure rate of more than 90%, which belongs to hydrophobic materials. It will not increase thermal conductivity due to moisture absorption, nor will the wall permeate water.

3. Rigid polyurethane is fireproof, flame retardant and high temperature resistant.After adding flame retardants, polyurethane is a refractory, self-extinguishing material. Its softening point can reach more than 250 degrees Celsius, and it will decompose only at higher temperatures. In addition, when polyurethane burns, it will form carbon deposition on its foam surface, which helps to isolate the foam below.Can effectively prevent the spread of fire.Moreover, polyurethane does not produce harmful gases at high temperatures.

4. As polyurethane (pu) foam insulation panelhas excellent heat insulation performance, it can reduce the thickness of the surrounding protective structure of the building and increase the indoor usable area under the same heat preservation requirements.

5. Strong anti-deformation ability, not easy to crack, stable and safe decorative surface.

6. polyurethane insulation panels has stable pore structure and is basically a closed pore structure, which not only has good thermal insulation performance, but also has good anti-freeze, melt and sound absorption.The average life of rigid polyurethane insulation structure can reach more than 30 years under normal use and maintenance conditions.The structure can be normally used during the life of the structure under dry, wet or electrochemical corrosion, as well as due to the growth of insects, fungi or algae or due to rodent damage and other external factors, which will not be damaged.

7. High comprehensive cost performance.Although rigid polyurethane foam has a higher unit price than other traditional insulation materials, the increased cost will be offset by a large reduction in heating and cooling costs.

UNT Polyurethane (PU) Foam Insulation Panel Board For Buildings

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