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What is the use of duct panel for air conditioning?
Jul 20, 2018

Application of air conditioning ductwork

Duct is mainly used in industrial and architectural engineering, application field mainly involves: Dust-free workshop purification system of electronics industry, medicine and food aseptic workshop purification system, hotels, factories and office buildings, shopping malls hospital central air conditioning system, industrial pollution control with dust, smoke and exhaust duct, industrial environment, such as oil suction or post comfortable with blast pipe, coal mine drainage gas with drainage gas system, the environmental control in coal mine is sent back to the wind system, etc


Use of home ductwork

1. Air duct for purifying air conditioning system: Galvanized board, stainless steel;(it is prohibited to use fiberglass and composite materials with possible dust source pollution)

2. Air duct for central air-conditioning system: Galvanized board, color steel insulation board;(fiberglass and composite materials can be used)

3. Air duct for environmental control system: Galvanized sheet, stainless steel;(plastic, fiberglass and composite materials can be used)

4. Air duct for industrial ventilation system: Steel plate and galvanized sheet;(lebeau vent pipe. Plastic, fiberglass, composite material can be used.)

Note: Gfrp air duct can be divided into organic and inorganic ones. According to the design specifications, there are prohibited organic materials for fire control.

5. Air duct for special use: Air duct with mineral coated rubber cloth and ventilation pipe with mineral plastic;(safety characteristics for flame retardant and antistatic mine)


Construction of duct panel for air conditioning

1) for complex civil buildings, in the design stage, all kinds of work (hvac, water supply and drainage, power supply and lighting, and architecture specialty) should first negotiate the space separation and determine the elevation range of each general, you must not exceed the limits set for case of a particular pipe section to cross the boundary should be negotiated with other projects.

2) the principle of solving the collision and coordination of all kinds of ventilation pipes is generally: "Small pipe leads to large pipe, while pressure leads to no pressure".for example, if a water pipe comes into contact with a wind pipe, the water pipe should turn.when cold and hot water pipes collide with the lower water pipes, the cold and hot water pipes should be changed.

3) the engineer in charge of the equipment shall draw the pipeline and single line of each type of work on a plane diagram before construction.use a color pen for each each intersection, the elevation is integrated to see if there is any contradiction, find out in time and solve the problem before installation.

4) in order to reduce investment, save space and reduce storey height, some pipelines without slope requirements can be laid through beams (such as tap water pipes, fire sprinkler main pipes, etc.).


Inorganic gfrp ventilation pipe (also known as glass fiber magnesium chloride cement ventilation pipe) is a kind of pipe material which is made of basic glass fiber as reinforcing material, filled material and modifier, is non-combustible, non-combustible material a class, corrosion resistance, high strength and light the ventilation of construction engineering, underground engineering and industrial plants, it has completely replaced the non-inflammable organic frp ventilation pipe, and gradually replaced the galvanized iron sheet ventilation pipe with poor anti-corrosion performance.especially in the humid underground engineering and the area south of yangtze river, its superiority is more obvious.

Through the research of magnesium oxychloride cementitious materials and the inspection of products, it is found that there are still some quality problems in the production and engineering application of inorganic gfrp ventilation pipes.some quality problems seriously affect the service life of the project.



According to the national building materials industry standard "Glass magnesium duct" Jc646-2006 standard, the ventilation duct is divided into three types: Integral common type air duct, integral heat preservation type air duct and combined heat preservation type air duct. The three types of ventilation pipes are not suitable for the exhaust pipe of residential buildings.

According to the physical and mechanical properties and appearance quality of the ventilation pipe, the ventilation pipe is divided into two grades: First grade product and qualified product.

Product specification

The size of rhombic ventilation pipe is mainly designed by the design unit according to the amount of ventilation required by the project, and can also be designed according to the specific requirements of customers.

The shape of rhombic ventilation pipe is divided into two sections: Circular and rectangular.the length of pipe is generally 2-3m. If the diameter of circular pipe and the side length of rectangular pipe are greater than 1.5m, the length of pipe segment can be shortened appropriately.there are two ways to connect pipe segments: Flange connection and socket connection.


Duct Panel For Air Conditioning

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