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What is air duct panel composite with aluminum foil?
Jul 18, 2018

1. In order to ensure the strength of the air duct after manufacture, one side of the adhesive should be retained 20mm single side color steel plate as the edge guard when feeding.


2.The air duct shall be preassembled before bonding to check whether the joint is tight and the size meets the requirements.The optimum adhesive time is determined according to the seasonal temperature, humidity and adhesive properties.After bonding, check with Angle ruler and steel tape measure, adjust vertical degree and diagonal deviation should meet the requirements.


3.Adhesion joints should be smooth after adhesion, no deviation, dislocation, local cracking, as well as more than 2mm cracks and other defects.


4.Choose glue can choose high solid content, fast curing degree, suitable for phenolic board special glue.When using solvent - based adhesive solution, the solvent must be volatile after the air duct splicing.


5.In order to prevent the surface layer peeling off at the inner corner seam of the duct or the leakage at the joints, four inner corner joints shall be sealed with sealing materials. The minimum number and longitudinal spacing of transverse reinforcement shall meet the requirements.


6.Before installing the air duct, the position, elevation, positioning, wiring and technical scheme of the air duct to be installed shall be re-checked according to the design requirements, and the construction shall be carried out after the confirmation is correct.The position of the air duct through the reserved hole of the building structure should be carefully checked.


7.The distance between duct support and hanger should be in accordance with the regulations.When the size of the bottom edge of the horizontal installation duct is no more than 1000mm, the span of the supporting hanger shall not exceed 2m;When the size of the bottom edge of the horizontal installation duct is greater than 1000mm, the span of the supporting hanger shall not exceed 1.5m.When the size of the bottom side of the horizontal installation duct is greater than 1600mm, the span of the supporting hanger shall not exceed 1m.The bracket space of vertical installation of air duct shall not exceed 2.4m, and the bracket space of each vertical installation pipe shall not be less than 2;When the length of the main and main duct of the air duct is more than 20M, no less than one anti-swing bracket shall be installed.


8.The air valve and other components connected with the air duct shall be separately provided with a support hanger.Pay attention to protection when installing air duct.When the air duct passes through the floor or wall, it shall be equipped with embedded pipe or protective sleeve, and its steel plate thickness shall not be less than 0.75mm.When passing through the closed fireproof and explosion-proof wall or floor, the thickness of the embedded pipe or protective sleeve steel plate shall not be less than 1.6mm.When penetrating the roof, waterproof sleeve should be installed.

9.When the air duct is clearly installed, if the civil construction needs to be decorated, the civil construction should use water-soluble paint.Solvent - based paint is not recommended.If you must use solvent - based paint, please pay attention to ventilation, so that the solvent volatile as soon as possible.



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