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How to use phenolic foam air duct panel composite?
Jul 06, 2018

Comparison with other new composite phenolic foam air duct panel

The new type of composite light insulation air duct was greatly developed at the end of the 20th century. In addition to the phenolic compound air duct, the common ones include polyurethane composite aluminum foil air duct and composite glass fiber board air duct.Combined with these composite lightweight insulated duct, composite duct has the following advantages:

(1)The environmental protection

Phenolic foam USES non-fluorine foaming, and polyurethane foam in the foaming process will escape a large number of ODS, causing great damage to the ozone layer.Fiberglass does not escape ODS, but it can do great harm to workers' health during production.


Cyanated gas is produced when polyurethane is burned, and 2-methacrylamide, a harmful substance, was detected when the composite fiberglass duct was burned [5].Composite fiberglass plate duct inside surface coated with pp, but in the process engineering of glass fiber is inevitably to duct formation pollution, if the glass fiber with scattered drift to indoor air supply, will inevitably cause harm to human body health [6].


Phenolic resin is the best of the fireproof performance of organic polymer materials, phenolic foam sandwich panel is made of the domestic fire only each index all reached A level of composite sandwich plate, conform to the state high-rise building fire protection standards.And some composite light insulation air ducts, such as polyurethane composite aluminum foil air ducts, are flammable in insulation materials, and when burned, fire droplets are produced.

(4)Strong adaptability to phenolic insulation

(5)Composite duct applicable temperature range is wide, can be in high and low temperature (140 ℃ to 150 ℃) under the conditions of use, rather than some other composite duct, can only be used in 50 ℃ temperature.

(5)Wide application scope

Composite duct can be widely used in various industrial and civil buildings and other special requirements.Polyurethane due to difficult to meet the requirements of fire fighting, so tightly restricted scope of use, and composite fiberglass plate duct in hospital, food processing plants, the basement has a dustproof requirements and the use of high humidity places are very limited.


Precautions in use

Aluminum foil composite air duct is a new type of air duct. Compared with traditional air duct, the following matters should be noted when using:

(1)During the transportation and movement of phenolic foam insulations, collision, extrusion, rough loading, unloading and transmission shall be avoided, and the construction site shall not be scattered and piled up.

(2)For any insulation materials are not glue water, otherwise, it will greatly reduce the effect of heat preservation and heat insulation, foam insulation products after entering the construction site, therefore, should not be stored in the open air and keep out the rain drenched, outdoor insulation structure should not be construction in rainy day.

(3)Aluminum foil composite duct joint or edge damage during construction, must be strict with cement jointing and filling, and then the surface with a solvent of the outer flame retardant aluminum foil protective layer and compaction sealed with aluminum foil tape, completes the moistureproof layer, in order to prevent the rain in.

(4)Piping support and duct hanger shall be provided with professional insulated pipe support and foil to avoid material damage, especially the concentrated pressure of phenolic foam insulation material and crushing.

(5)Vertical equipment or vertical piping insulation layer should be started, bearing a bottom-up spells build by laying bricks or stones, and ring to tie with the bandage mesh belt, when the equipment is horizontal bracket, insulation layer should be started spells build by laying bricks or stones, bracket and binding with the bandage mesh belt.

(6)The absolute roughness of aluminum foil composite duct is about 0.15 to 0.3, the frictional resistance when the duct design is usually calculated according to the galvanized steel pipe, therefore, should increase in the income calculated value on certain correction coefficient.

Phenolic Foam Air Duct Panel Composite

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