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How do you know the rigid phenolic foam insulation board for building?
Jul 16, 2018

Phenolic foam products is a refractory thermal insulation material, which has the advantages of polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene and polyurethane foam plastics.also have without freon, good corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, wide temperature scope (60 ~ 150 ℃), waterproof and aging resistance is strong;convenient construction, beautiful appearance, especially with excellent fire protection performance, it provides a wide application space.


Rigid phenolic foam insulation board to choose the main control parameters of the density, thermal conductivity, combustion performance, the thickness of pipe insulation and condensation prevention, density allowable deviation, heat load on shrinkage temperature, moisture absorption rate, etc.


(1)The materials of the thermal insulation layer shall select the products that can provide the inspection certificate of permitted temperature, thermal conductivity, bulk density, mechanical light and non-combustible, inflammable and combustible properties;for anti-freeze and anti-condensation materials, water absorption, hygroscopicity and hydrophobicity test certificates are often required.for hard insulation materials, it is necessary to provide the current expansion or shrinkage data.

(2)For contact between austenitic stainless steel and copper pipe surface, the heat-resistant layer material shall provide the test certificate that the above material will not cause corrosion.

The combustion registration of the refractory shall meet the following requirements:

By thermal insulation of equipment and pipe outside surface temperature to > 100 ℃, the thermal barrier material should be used in compliance with requirement of class a material performance type does not thermal insulation of equipment and pipe surface temperature to 100 ℃ or less, thermal barrier material should be no less than the performance requirements for flame retardant b1 level class thermal insulation of equipment and pipe surface temperature to 50 ℃ or less, has a protective layer of foam insulation materials shall not be lower than the general combustible b2 material performance requirements.

(3)No hard insulation material shall be used for the thermal insulation and anti-condensation of plastic pipes.moreover, the distance between fixed supports of the plastic pipe line segment shall not be greater than the requirements stipulated in the national standard drawing of water supply and drainage, installation of water supply and plastic pipe 02ss405-1 ~ 4.

(4)Metal pipes and plastic pipes in thermal insulation engineering, the thickness of the insulation blanket is large, the pipe diameter, environment temperature and medium temperature under the same conditions, the thermal barrier thickness of the metal than plastic pipe thermal insulation thickness of big lot, especially the bigger diameter (plastic tube wall is thick), its thickness difference is bigger.they should be calculated separately.


Heat preservation of phenolic insulation board

(1)When metal and fiberglass sheet protective layer pipe insulation structure: It is advisable to use adhesive at the joints of fiberglass sheet protective layer.see standard drawing 03 s401, insulation layer structure Ⅰ type, Ⅱ type is suitable for indoor overhead pipeline.

(2)When the compound wound daub coating pipeline insulation structure: See the standard drawing, 03 s401 Ⅰ insulation structure type, Ⅱ type is suitable for indoor overhead pipeline.Ⅲ, Ⅳ used in cooking and damp environment.

(3) vertical pipeline insulation structure: The vertical pipe flange insulation, metal shielding practices at pipes, but the top panel should be 5% slope, have the near edge of metal cover plate and the joint flange cover.

(4)Three-way heat preservation structure of elbow: The heat insulation layer of elbow and the thin protective layer of metal or fiberglass shall be constructed in sections according to the size of pipe diameter of elbow.when the protective layer is tight, the joints should be closed, leaving no gaps.two coats of fire-resistant paint shall be applied to the protective layer of glass cloth.

(5)Flange and valve insulation structure: The insulation thickness is the same as that of the connecting pipe.when the fixed flange and valve insulation are used in the trench, its protective layer should be the same as that of the trench pipe protection layer.

Rigid Phenolic Foam Insulation Board For Building

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