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External thermal insulation technology
Jan 12, 2017

External wall insulation is insulation in exterior walls and lateral walls between medial and lateral walls can be used for hollow concrete block.


1) on the inside walls and the insulation form effective protection, require very high selection of insulation materials, polystyrene, glass wool, and urea-formaldehyde poured on the site materials may be used;

2) construction season and condition requirements are not very high, do not affect winter construction. In Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Gansu has certain applications in cold area in the North.


1) in a non-freezing area, such walls as compared to traditional wall is relatively thick;

2) connection is required between the medial and lateral walls connected, complex structure than the traditional wall;

3) envelope "thermal bridging" more. In the earthquake zone, construction of circle beam and constructional column in setting, the "thermal bridging" more, efficiency of insulation still lack access to a full play.

4) lateral walls under the influence of the outdoor climate, big temperature difference between day and night temperature difference between summer and winter, likely to cause wall cracks and water seepage.

4. Thermal insulation block

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