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Exterior wall thermal insulation in the form of its advantages and disadvantages
Jan 12, 2017

1. External wall insulation

Single thermal insulation wall: aerated concrete, sintering brick

Composite thermal insulation wall:

Settings in different locations according to insulation materials, including insulation,

Heat preservation and insulation outer walls.

Other: thermal insulation block

2. External wall insulation technologies

Wall insulation is insulation on the inside of the outer wall.


1) finishes and insulation waterproof, weatherproof specification requirements are not very high, gypsum board, gypsum plastering mortars all can meet the requirements, easy;

2) insulation materials are separated by floor, only in the context of one-storey construction, erection without scaffolding;

3) in hot summer and cold winter and hot summer and warm winter area, insulation to meet the requirements;

4) for energy saving renovation of existing buildings, particularly at a time when houses sold after personal, the building or area-wide integrated reform are in trouble, only use insulation within the possibility of some. Therefore, in recent years, external wall insulation is available in a wide range of applications.

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