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Wall Insulation Material Types
Jan 12, 2017

First YT inorganic active wall heat insulation materials

YT inorganic activity wall body insulation insulation material, is a new of wall body insulation material, used domestic original of no network insulation technology, insulation effect good, not needed network gingham, and rivet, and anti-crack mortar and wipe surface mortar, against water mixing uniform Hou directly batch wipe Shang wall, insulation layer outside can directly veneer brick or do paint, construction process simple, greatly of shortened duration. Class a nonflammable, heat 1500 ℃. Resistance to cracking and hollowing. With life wall. Comprehensive bid was superior.

The second mineral wool

Rock (Rock) mineral cotton wool and glass wool is sometimes referred to as belonging to inorganic thermal insulation materials also easily absorb water, causing weight gain and eventually led to loss of insulating layer. Construction technology also needs to add mesh, waterproofing measures.

Third polyphenylene grain thermal insulation material

This insulation material water absorption is higher than other materials, it must be used and crack resistance of waterproof layer. Crack resistance of waterproof layer material by the crack resistance of cement mortar composed of glass fiber mesh can be causes of long-term effective protection layer crack

IV polystyrene Board

Polystyrene is flammable, heat preservation effect, absorbs water easily and cause weight increase the deformation, waterproof must be done in place, otherwise it will directly affect the service life. Complex construction technology, the need for mesh.

V plastic extrusion Panel

Plastic extrusion Panel insulation effect is good, prices are higher, and also burns easily, CCTV fire was of such material. Complex construction technology, the need for mesh

Six polyurethane

Polyurethane, low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation effect is good, but the price is a lot higher than the first two. Complex construction technology, the need for mesh.

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