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Rubber Insulation Material Installation Rules
Jan 12, 2017

With insulating rubber insulation material installation should pay attention to the following points:

1, all cutting gaps, joints with a Toyo special glue adhesive seal.

2, after you install all the tees, elbows, valves, flanges and other accessories are required to meet the design thickness.

3, glue bond will not be too hard, all the interfaces between materials under slight squeeze glue.

4, should be installed after the first large pipes, elbows, tees, after the first pipe, and valves, flanges.

5, when frozen pipes and refrigeration equipment is installed, rubber tubes at both ends and in the space between the pipe are required to apply the glue bonding, adhesive width should be not equal to the thickness of the rubber and plastic materials.

6, pipe cut gap outlet should be located in a conspicuous place, and two tubes cut gaps must be staggered.

7, not installed on the machine in use. Packed within 36 hours do not power on the system.

8, large-diameter plastic tube packaging has become oval, apart section a flat there.

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