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Rubber Insulation Material Characteristics
Jan 12, 2017

1. low thermal conductivity: average temperature is 0 c, the coefficient of thermal conductivity of the material is 0.034w/MK, and it has a high surface heat transfer coefficient, therefore under the same environmental conditions, use this product more than half the thickness is thinner than other insulation materials can achieve the same effect, which saves floor space of the ceiling above, save investment.

2. fire-retardant performance: this material contains a lot of flame retardant smoke reduction in raw materials, extremely low concentrations during combustion and fire curing, does not drop the burning fireball, with self-extinguishing characteristics of materials. According to the GB8624-1997 of the building materials combustion performance classification, this product is a class B1 fire-resistant materials to ensure safe and reliable.

3. convenient installation and appearance: this product rich softness, simple and convenient to install. Pipe installation: can be installed after, can also be the tubes lengthwise and then glued together. For complex parts such as valves, tees, elbows can be sheet metal after cutting, bonding on a different shape, ensuring the tightness of the system as a whole, so as to ensure the insulation of the entire system. And because of this rubber material looks smooth, as well as its excellent performance without additional vapor-proof layer, protective layer, reduces construction problems, also ensures that the appearance and smooth.

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