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PIR And PUR Polyurethane Plate Polyurethane Board What Is The Difference?
Jan 12, 2017

Said a lot of times PIR and PUR polyurethane plates many times, can really tell the difference should be less and less of them, today we'll PIR and PUR polyurethane polyurethane plate plate makes a simple introduction:

PUR and PIR refers to the chemical structure of polyurethane foam. Either PUR or PIR can be used as core materials with a wide range of rigid or flexible materials for surface materials compounded by various processing methods.

PUR composite Board refers to as core materials of polyurethane rigid foam using a polyether polyol and flame retardant, low isocyanate index formula system, foam frame is made up of segments of carbamate, the product can only be used at 100 degrees Celsius.

PIR Composite plate is refers to as core material of polyurethane hard bubble General used of is polyester multiple alcohol, and high different cyanate ester index (250 above), and without or less with flame retardant agent of formula system, bubble of skeleton structure is by amino carboxylic acid ester chain paragraph and amino carboxylic acid ester modified sex different cyanide urea acid ester chain paragraph common composition of, products can Yu l50 degrees Celsius following using.

PIR polyurethane board in today's industry demands more and more.

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