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What are Pre-Insulated HVAC Ductwork Panel?
Jul 04, 2018

Introduction to the polyurethane pu foam

1. Excellent heat insulation performance, the first of all cold-proof materials;

2. Fireproofing performance conforms to GB8624 class B1 refractory and American ASTM E 84 standard;

3. Excellent performance in ultra-low temperature environment, such as strong compressive resistance, low thermal conductivity and excellent dimensional stability;

4. Cutting and shaping can meet the design requirements of compound multi-layer mechanism with various thickness and ensure the construction quality;

5. The temperature range can be reached;- 196 ° C to + 196 ° C

Concept of polyurethane foam pad

PIR is a public resource database that integrates data on protein function prediction to support genomic/proteomic research.The PIR, in collaboration with other organizations, forms the pir-international database of protein sequences (PSD), a major predicted database of proteins, including 250,000 proteins.The performance of the PIR

PIR is a new type of organic polymer insulation materials, is composed of Isocyanate resin (Isocyanate) in polyether (Ployol) as the main raw materials, coupled with the catalyst, fire retardant and environment-friendly foaming agent, the special formula and strict process under the condition of fully mixing, reaction, polymer foam generated foam.Because the foam polymer with independent airtight cellular structure and high porosity closed, foam cells fine uniform, good heat insulation performance, corrosion resistance, flame retardant performance is excellent in heat insulation, waterproof moisture permeability, then, the pressure resistance, flame retardancy and shrink rate presents excellent quality.The high-tech organic polymer materials, excellent fireproof performance, small coefficient of thermal conductivity, water proofing property is good, stable chemical properties, good aging resistance, is used in cryogenic insulation polymer materials and the cold weather conditions.It suitable adiabatic temperature range for - 196 ° C to + 120 ° C.

Application of high density pu foam

Different cyanuric acid polyester bubble (PIR) as an international within the scope of new cold insulation, in European developed countries have begun in the petrochemical energy engineering, construction and environmental protection and energy saving in areas such as widely used.In our country, PIR only in its infancy stage of development, only in LNG (165 ° C, liquefied natural gas) and liquid ethylene (104 ° C) such as gas and petrochemical and other fields have applied.

 Polyurethane (PU) Foam Pre-Insulated HVAC Ductwork Panel


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