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What are Pre-Insulated HVAC Air Conditioning Ductwork Panel?
Jul 05, 2018

With the application of central air conditioning system for heating and cooling in modern urban buildings, the amount of HVAC air conditioning ductwork panel material used in ventilation pipes is increasing year by year.Pipe material selection is about is divided into three categories: the first two classes for traditional galvanized iron plate + thermal insulation layer, the second is inorganic glass duct, third category in recent years the rise of the compound light duct insulation, the product is divided into phenolic resin, polyurethane, eps (PVC, glass fiber, such as a few classes,

Among them, especially phenolic products are most popular in the market.phenolic foam pre-insulated are known as the "king of insulation".


Features of ducted air conditioning

(1) non-combustibility: phenolic foam material is composed of flame retardant resin, curing agent and non-combustible filler.There is no need to add any flame retardant filler. The flame retardant grade is non-combustible grade A.

(2) thermal conductivity: there are three heat transfer modes of foamed plastics, namely, heat conduction in gas phase and polymer phase, convection in gas phase and heat radiation in bubble wall.The thermal conductivity of phenolic foam is small, and it has good thermal insulation performance.

(3) anti-corrosion and anti-aging: phenolic foam material has been solidified and formed, and has been exposed to sunlight for a long time, without obvious aging phenomenon.The service life is obviously longer than other materials.Almost all inorganic acids, organic acids and salts can be corroded except by strong alkali.

(4) sound absorption performance: phenolic foam has excellent sound absorption performance, and open-hole foam structure is more conducive to sound absorption.


Air conditioning pipe duct Comparison with traditional duct

1. Technical comparison

Traditional central air conditioning air supply pipe lining using sheet metal or glass reinforced plastics, wrapped in insulation materials, the most outside wrapped with aluminum foil, which makes the air supply pipe material, construction installation takes work, poor appearance, low air tightness, large energy consumption.Compared with traditional duct, composite duct has the following advantages:

(1) good thermal insulation, which can greatly reduce the heat loss of air conditioning

(2) good silencing ability.

(3) light weight, which can reduce the building load and facilitate installation

(4) durability and long service life

(5) lower the storey height

(6) the construction period can be shortened

(7) health

(8) beautiful and suitable for bright decoration

(9) wide application scope

UNTDuct Phenolic Foam Pre-Insulated HVAC Air Conditioning Ductwork Panel

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