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What are pre-insulated duct panel?
Jul 24, 2018

Pre insulated duct panel is a pipe system used for air transportation and distribution.there are two kinds of composite duct and inorganic duct.the composite duct is made of durkduct.can be classified by section shape and material.the manufacture of stainless steel duct is to apply sealing glue (such as neutral glass glue) to the nipping joints, riveting joints, flange flanging corners and other gaps.dust and oil should be removed from the surface before applying sealant.according to the shape of section, air duct can be divided into circular air duct, rectangular air duct, flat circular air duct, the application is mainly rectangular duct.according to the material, air duct insulation can be divided into metal air duct, composite air duct, high polymer air duct.


Make simple

Using duct board insulation , which can be installed in the construction site, only need to use a simple special cutting tools, cutting, plastic molding, combined with special flange plug-in, with sealing glue sealing can finally, lifting with steel and accessories is simple, qualitative light, therefore, less labor, progress is fast, two to three times faster than traditional installation, save labor costs, and reduces the danger of the process of use, any damage, can be free to cut and paste repair, maintenance is quite convenient.


Composite extrusion

Lightweight, high hardness, durable aluminum foil composite extruded air conditioning insulation board, independent closed air bubble structure inside, embossed aluminum foil outside, with high pressure, no water absorption, moisture-proof, impervious, lightweight, long service life, low thermal conductivity, and lasting heat insulation and insulation.


Application field

Extruded thermal insulation pipe series products are suitable for the industry, all kinds of construction installation of air-conditioning and ventilation engineering, are widely used in food processing, machinery manufacturing, pharmaceutical products, electronic industry, shopping center, textile, sports entertainment cultural venues, hotels, guesthouses, supermarkets, office buildings, government agencies, small villa, family homes, aerospace manufacturing and other fields.

Pre-Insulated Duct Panel

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