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What are Aluminum Profiles?
Jul 12, 2018

Aluminium profile technology, a kind of coating techniques, it is based on the conventional technology of titanium coating increase plating and electroplating process, extrusion process is to activate after plating pieces in salt and chemical processing in the aqueous solution of hydrochloric acid.

The plating process consists of nickel sulfate, nickel chloride, boric acid, sodium dodecyl sulfate, saccharin and brightener.this process has the advantages of simple and practical, good effect, the process of titanium aluminum membrane layer hardness hv material 1500, under the same conditions than 22 k gold plated wear-resisting 150 times, can be processed into various forms of gold, color, black and other light a variety of series of aluminum products.


The characteristics of aluminium profile system

Corrosion resistance

The density of aluminum profiles is only 2.7g/cm3, about 1/3 of that of steel, copper or brass (7.83g/ cm3, 8.93g/ cm3, respectively).in most environmental conditions, including air, water (or salt water), petrochemistry, and many chemical systems, aluminum exhibits excellent corrosion resistance.

Electrical conductivity

Aluminum profiles are often used because of their excellent conductivity.aluminium conducts electricity nearly twice as well as copper on an equal weight basis.


Thermal conductivity of rate

The thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is about 50-60% of that of copper, which is beneficial to the manufacture of heat exchangers, evaporators, heating appliances, cooking utensils, and car cylinder heads and radiators.

The ferromagnetic

Aluminum profiles are non-ferromagnetic, which is an important characteristic of the electrical and electronic industries.aluminum profiles are non-combustible, which is important for handling and handling of inflammable and explosive materials.



The machinability of aluminum profile is all kinds of deformed and cast aluminum alloys, and in all kinds of states after the production of these alloys, the machining characteristics change quite a lot, which requires special machine tools or technology.


Formability ofaluminum extrusions

Specific tensile strength, yield strength, ductility, and corresponding process hardening rate dominate the variation in allowable deformation.


Recycling of extruded aluminum profiles

Aluminum has very high recovery, and the properties of recycled aluminum are almost the same as that of primary aluminum.

20mm Aluminum Profiles For Pre-Insulated Duct


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