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Wall insulation technology are there?
Jan 12, 2017

Includes exterior wall heat preservation thermal insulation, wall insulation and exterior insulation of three technologies, in practical applications have advantages and disadvantages.

External wall insulation system the insulation in exterior walls inside, generally use the polystyrene Board, technology is relatively mature. The advantage is construction simple, little affected by the climate; the cost is relatively low, exterior facing freedom. Disadvantage of this technique is the decorative layer is easy to crack, inconvenience, the second decoration, occupy the indoor space larger, heat loss is relatively large.

Wall insulation systems are aerated concrete block itself improving the heat insulation performance of wall material, the principle is like bread, there is a small hole, the lighter material components, heat preservation performance is good, suitable for application in construction of frame structure. It is worth mentioning that, since insulation strength is relatively weak, and higher requirements on the application, there may be cracks in.

Exterior wall external insulation system in exterior wall external insulation material, because of its excellent thermal insulation properties, protecting the main structure, no indoor area, does not affect the interior decoration, the comprehensive economic benefit high, were widely used by construction and related expert advice.

2005-2008 Beijing construction material using oriented directory in the, wall body insulation material a bar clear pointed out that, flame retardant sex polystyrene foam board, and hard quality polyurethane, and rock cotton, and glass cotton, efficient insulation insulation and hate water Pearl rock water glass products for promotion using material, and poly benzene particles and cemented material mixed and into of insulation material, because its insulation performance cannot meet energy-saving live architectural design standard was as limit using material.

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