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Polyphenylene grain thermal insulation material of exterior wall thermal insulation
Jan 12, 2017

Discarded polystyrene (EPS for short) processing broken into 0.5~4mm particles, as a lightweight aggregate to produce mortar. The technology contains crack resistance of insulation layer, protective layer and impervious protection surface (seepage or surface crack in one layer of mortar). ZL polystyrene granule thermal insulation material and technology in 1998, by the Ministry of construction as a national law. This method is the most widely recognized outer wall heat preservation technology.

This construction technique was simple, can reduce labor intensity and improve efficiency; not affected by structural differences affect the quality, defective construction wall without repairing the wall levelling, the direct use of insulation material can make, avoids too thick heat preservation plastering construction technology for levelling off. While the technology of external wall insulation engineering interface debonding is due to poor conditions of use hollowing, surface cracking and other problems, in order to achieve an important breakthrough for exterior wall thermal insulation technology. Compared with other insulation, in the case of achieve the same insulating effect, its low cost and building cost can be reduced. For example compared with polystyrene thermal insulation and can reduce about 25 Yuan per square meter. Yun Lang in new high-rise outside wall heat preservation engineering in Tianjin adopts this technology. In addition, energy-saving thermal insulation wall technology has made sandwich walls, sawdust, perlite, mineral wool, glass wool, polystyrene foam, polyurethane foam (foam) fill layer, insulation layer is formed.

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