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New technology of internal insulation
Jan 12, 2017

New technologies at home and abroad about the insulation, and promotion and application is still what we really live in an important factor of energy-saving houses. Phase change energy-saving technology patent owned FTC thermostat Qin Tao Yage, General Manager of technology development in Beijing told reporters, using energy-saving materials is mainly look at price, cannot simply look at price. On took phase variable insulation material for, Beijing construction engineering quality detection center of detection showed that, 38 mm thick of FTC phase variable energy-saving material keep heat not lost of capacity obviously is better than 50 mm thick of squeeze plastic poly benzene Board, this showed that FTC phase variable energy-saving material of features is to is thin of thickness can reached energy-saving 65% of standard, other material is needed 80-100 mm to reached energy-saving standard. Meanwhile, using the phase change mechanism of heat stored in certain secondary use of temperature changes, which in itself is a kind of energy. In addition, roof, parts of the household wall also has a sound function.

We are more and more concerned today, refrigerators, air conditioners and even light bulbs are energy-saving, is should be more concerned about residential energy-saving?

According to statistics, in Europe, high comfort and low energy cost about 3% more than ordinary residential, but the annual operational cost savings of 60%, compare, buy energy-efficient homes the most cost-effective, so this has become a first choice for European buyers. Thus, when you buy a House due to increased energy costs, can be used in future energy-saving process, the full recovery of the can in a short time. When buying a House, apart from their location, size, and price, please pay attention to "energy consumption". One small step for you, not only to save money for themselves, but also save resources, but also to promote energy-efficient houses a big step forward.

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