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How to know duct panel for hvac system?
Jul 25, 2018

The global construction market is pursuing different ways to improve energy efficiency and investing heavily in energy efficiency solutions to meet rising energy costs without compromising service quality.The commercial sector is increasingly using green systems in buildings to improve the comfort and efficiency of indoor environments, improve energy efficiency and reduce the impact on the external environment.As a result, these systems can be LEED certified or energy star certified.


The analysis predicts that the global ducted air conditioning market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.25% (CAGR) in 2017-2021.Heating, ventilation and air conditioning are among the most energy-intensive systems in commercial and residential buildings.hvac ductwork is used for air distribution in hvac system.The supply, return and exhaust of a hvac system must pass through the air duct.Air ducts are also used for ventilation.Therefore, air duct is also a way to ensure indoor air quality and thermal comfort.

The development of the construction industry has greatly promoted the global market of hvac duct.New buildings in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors have increased the demand for duct panel for hvac system, which in turn have created a demand for air ducts.Innovation in architectural design and attention to building energy efficiency have created good opportunities for hvac duct manufacturers to expand their scale in the market.

At the same time, the market of hvac is a capital intensive industry, which limits the wider use of hvac system and has a negative impact on the air duct market.Hvac market suppliers face difficulties in equipment r&d and market development.Many end users also struggle to buy hvac equipment because it requires a lot of initial investment.In developing countries in particular, high costs have discouraged many households from buying household fireplaces, air conditioners and other appliances.

Duct Panel For HVAC System

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