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External-wall exterior insulation technology
Jan 12, 2017


1) for a wide range of application in different climatic zones of building insulation;

2) thermal insulation effect is obvious, "thermal bridging" effect;

3) protects the main structure, greatly reducing the natural temperature, precipitation, ultraviolet radiation effects on body structure;

4) to improve the indoor environment;

5) expand the use of interior space, compared with insulation, with an area of about 1.3~1.8m2 per household;

6) conducive to the reconstruction of old buildings, some of people's daily lives and less interference.

7) rich beautify facades.

1. external thermal insulation

External insulation materials of rock (ore) wool, glass wool felt, polystyrene foam board (referred to as polystyrene, EPS, and XPS), ceramsite concrete composite polystyrene stone decorative insulation boards, steel mesh frame sandwich wall panels. Polystyrene with excellent physical properties and cheap cost of exterior wall thermal insulation already in the world plug-in technology that is widely used. The plug-in technology is the use of bonding mortar or dedicated fixtures of the insulation material, hanging out the wall, and crack resistance of mortar, pressed glass fiber grid cloth formation protective layer, add decorative surfaces.

Another approach is to use a dedicated fixed thermal insulation panels fixed to be not easy to absorb water in the outer wall, and aluminum, natural stone, stained glass external hang on the keel of a pre-made, decorative surface of the form. Which airs Mr design of office building of Bank of China Head Office of thermal insulation is used in this design. This external insulation installation time consuming, difficult construction and construction takes up led duration until the main inspection can be carried out only after the construction. In high-rise construction, construction personnel easily protected.

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