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Exterior wall thermal insulation energy-saving materials
Jan 12, 2017

Commonly used insulation materials: polystyrene foam boards (EPS and XPS), rock (Rock) wool, glass wool felt and lightweight polystyrene granule insulation slurry. Materials mentioned above have a common feature within the materials there are a large number of closed holes, their apparent density is smaller, which is as necessary for thermal insulation materials.

Rock (Rock) wool and glass wool is sometimes referred to as mineral wool, they all belong to the inorganic material. Rock wool does not burn, lower prices, in meeting the thermal insulation properties as well as with some sound effects. But rock wool quality varies widely, and good insulation properties and low density, tensile strength is also low, relatively poor durability.

Glass wool and rock wool has a lot of similarities in performance, but feel good in rock wool, can improve the working conditions of the workers. But the price is higher than the rock wool.

Polystyrene foam polystyrene resin as the main raw material, made by foaming agent foaming has numerous closed cellular material. The apparent density, low thermal conductivity, low water absorption, good sound insulation, high mechanical strength and high dimensional accuracy, homogeneous structure. Exterior wall thermal insulation in its share is very high.

Decorative insulation in one of the decorative plates, surface organic material, metallic. Commonly used metal decoration thermal insulation Panel. Is the best material on the market.

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