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Development of exterior wall outer thermal insulation in a foreign country
Jan 12, 2017

External wall thermal insulation system called EIFS systems abroad, the exterior wall thermal insulation and decoration system. Can provide excellent energy efficiency and high design flexibility, creative; is a set of energy-saving and thermal insulation, sound insulation, decorative effect as one of the lightweight, environmental protection, non-bearing exterior-protected construction wall system.

Beginning after World War II in Germany, 60 years after the introduction of United States, 73 years after the oil crisis receive attention and began broad use.

Variety of external wall thermal insulation technology in nearly 30 years of successful application of some developed countries in Europe and America show that as long as the proper material selection and reasonable formula, strict code for construction, exterior wall-decoration system application in the field of building energy efficiency have sufficient security, reliability, economy and better social benefits.