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Development and application of external wall thermal insulation technology in China
Jan 12, 2017

Wall insulation technology research began in the early 80 's, dominated by research institutions, mostly for internal insulation technology;

Early 90 's, foreign companies have started to enter China to guide government decision-making, the introduction and pilot projects;

The late 90 's, a group of forward-looking local companies began to research, and constantly improve the technology, materials technology;

Late 90 northeast of Beijing, began extensive use. Beijing has a total of 50 million m2;

In 2005, the cold regions of the country, the transitional areas, also is hot in summer and warm in the East region prefecture-level city in the province, General enforcement of 50% energy saving standards.

As of January 1, 2006 civil building energy saving management regulations.

2006 Sino-German cooperation in reconstruction of existing buildings in Tangshan, Hebei successfully piloted.

In October 2007, the State file, requires new buildings all over the country have to do building insulation, period reconstruction of existing buildings.